I recommend that I choose the thing of enough engine size from now on if I think of the purchase of the canter.
Even if it is a used car even if it is a new car, it is the same thing.
The displacement volume is specified by all means in all used car sale sites, and the overseas supplier specifies engine size properly, too.
If the size of the body was the same, engine size is 3,000cc, or a difference of the considerable ride comfort is born at 4,800cc.
When a carrier is empty, it may not feel it that much, but it must be it that engine size feels feel uncomfortable enough at になりとかなり when it loads it with baggage.
This is to be able to say to not only the canter but also all trucks.
It is too late even if I felt inadequacy after I purchase it.
The truck becomes the role that it is important that I carry important baggage smoothly.
Enough power, displacement volume are necessary to carry the baggage smoothly.
When we purchase a used car, let's be careful to be attracted to inexpensiveness, and not to power it down.